Space For Life shares the re-use, re-create and re-invent philosophy being adopted by many forward thinking interior design, decor and manufacturing ventures today. 

As an art and design company, Space For Life speaks of space for living, and seeks to re-evaluate our pace of life. We bring beautifully designed, well crafted furniture pieces from the 1950's and 60's to a tasteful and appreciative South African audience. Each carefully selected piece has been created by gifted Scandinavian designers and craftsmen. 


What may sometimes be considered out-dated and out of place in our current popular contempary world has proven time and again to be capable of successfully integrating into what is seen as contemporary today. While able to fit into a more modern style, these pieces also reflect a considerable amount of personality thus providing you with the best of both worlds. 

Apart from our characterful furniture pieces, Space For Life also has a range of Scandinavian designed and made ceramics and glass object art such as table and floor standing lamps, vases and bowls, as well as homeware that includes wood and stainless steel bowls, dishes and trays. 


Part of our philosophy and mission is to create opportunities for local artists and crafters who show talent and dedication. We combine their work with our imported items to illustrate the harmony and poise shared between our cultures. An example of this partnership is seen between the upholstery work requirements which are done by a small, home based enterprise. It can also be found in the art for sale on our walls that communicates with the furniture on display. We also support local ceramists and offer a range of hand-made, hand-painted vases and bowls by Cape Town based ceramic artists. 

The featured South African artists are either established or up-and-coming regional talent; individuals who show considerable talent and require representation in order for their work to be appreciated. 

In addition to being a gallery and retail outlet, Space For Life also offers a comprehensive interior design and décor service. This service includes aspects such as custom made furniture design and manufacture, space planning and layout, drawings and project management. The décor services include window treatments, all upholstery work and soft furnishings. 


Space For Life is continuously searching for outstanding furniture and art for us to display in our spacious showroom gallery in a manner that aims to strike the right balance between furniture, art and design.