Sideboard dresser, Teak with 3 sliding doors

Teak side board dresser cabinet, 3 x sliding doors

1520mm(l) x 445mm(w) x 1215mm(h)




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2012-08-31 12:01:26 anonymous
Hi Stefan. How much is this piece? Stephanie
2013-03-24 19:11:51 Brian
I am looking for a sideboard how much is this item
2013-03-28 12:44:01 amy
Price please?
2013-11-25 12:31:04 lisa
price please?
2014-02-22 20:12:28 wils
Hello, is this side board dresser still available? What is the cost? I tried to find your store on Friday, but you had moved and the phone went straight to voicemail. What are your trading hours? Thank you
2015-03-11 17:45:13 Carla
Hi please advise if this is still available and what is the price. a few more photos especially of the inside would also be appreciated.
2015-03-17 15:27:35 anonymous
Price please?
2015-09-02 08:33:48 Louis
Hi Is the cabinet available and what price are you asking?
2015-11-18 16:27:27 Mara
Hi Are the shelves removeable? Is it still available and what is the price thereof?
2016-02-09 19:47:36 Tamsyn
Hello - is this still available, and if so what is the price? Thank you.
2016-03-26 21:22:34 Jacqui
Hi there, is this still available and what is the price?
2016-04-07 12:45:34 anonymous
Sideboard dresser, Teak with 3 sliding doors: Is this product still available - if so, what is the price and do you deliver?
2016-06-22 14:17:01 Lindsay
Hi there, can you let me know the price for this dresser?
2016-10-24 11:53:59 Sarah
Hi there I was hoping you could let me know how much this piece costs? Best Sarah
2017-04-21 22:26:40 Michelle
What is the price?